Review of ‘Interview with a Master’ by Jason Luke

Interview with a Master by Jason Luke


I waited for hours after Jason posted that he had ‘pushed the button’ for it to be released with dozens of other anticipating fans on Facebook. We had a great time, speculating, gossiping, building (I think) friendships. And then I got the email. I literally squealed, making my 7-year-old ask why I just squeaked like a mouse. 🙂

So, I started reading it. And it was awesome. And then, about 2/3 of the way through, I started getting depressed. I was mentally blogging about how the book was making me feel. Thinking it was a dangerous book to read because it made me long for something that I doubt would ever happen in real life. Yes, I know it’s fiction, but there’s that element of wanting a Master…And because of things I’ve done in my past, I don’t know if I could ever be that ‘type of woman.’ A woman that would thrive under a Master, at least not in the way I would want to. (But that’s a whole other story.) But that’s not Jason’s fault…that’s all me, and, like I said, his book was amazing…fantastic…everything I hoped and more.

Jonah Noble is everything that the ARC reviewers said he was. Everything the teasers my online friends made up. He was…amazing. Sexy, rough, arrogant (in a good way). And then there was the question that he wouldn’t answer and it knocked my depression right out of me. I was literally stunned. I stared at my Kindle, hands shaking and disbelief flooding my brain.

I don’t cry. I hate crying. Hate! It! I avoid movies and books that make me cry. And tears ran down my cheeks as I read the last few pages of the book. Not a lot. I didn’t bawl. I didn’t sob. Just a few big, fat tears rolling down my cheeks. Even now, I’m shaking from the emotion that coursed through my body from the ending.

I am completely…satisfied doesn’t touch how I feel… Satiated is the word. I am completely satiated with this book; like after a great round of sex that touches your mind, soul and spirit. It was a fantastic, amazing, beautiful few hours that I spent getting to know Jonah Noble.

This is so much more than a BDSM book. Jason/Jonah ‘gets’…understands… women…at least, women like me. Everything he said, at least in my mind, is true. (I’m sending this over to my hubby’s Kindle as soon as I finish writing this. lol.)

What more can I say? My mind is still reeling from the ending…



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