Mardi Gras (Hot Sex Scene)

M/M/F/M scene I wrote for an alternative version of Anna’s story that I am adapting into a type of Sequel to The Life of Anna.  Same world, different Characters.

I LOVE this scene and wanted to share a taste of the new book

I put in the whole chapter because it builds.

I’ve gone ahead and changed the names of the characters, thought the final draft of the scene might change. Backstory: Talia is married to Chris. Chris is a ‘special ops’ guy and two of his team live with he and Talia. Ethan is one of those guys and has been ‘bonded’ with Chris and Talia so that he can protect Talia when Chris is out of town (he’s kind of like a second husband to Talia, but he ‘belongs’ to Chris). Ethan has been Talia’s bodyguard since Chris and Talia have been together. So, it’s kind of a three way relationship. Because of what Talia is (only half human) Chris has become her Master, but not in a BDSM sense. Talia met Jayson a bit ago and they didn’t know they were related before they ‘got together’, but that’s a complicated other part of the story.



Before I know it, Chris’s, well, our Mardi Gras party is upon us and I look at myself nervously in the mirror as I get ready. My costume consists of a very short purple and green full velvet skirt with gold netting underneath. The strapless corset top is purple velvet with green and gold embroidery and very low cut and very tight. I have a purple coat to wear over it that looks like a tail-coat and a cute little purple hat pinned in my hair with a green feather that sticks out of one side.

Chris walks into the bathroom, wearing a purple fitted velvet suit with green and gold embroidery that matches mine. He grins at me in the mirror. “Wow.” He slides his hands around my waist and kisses my neck. “You look good enough to eat,” he murmurs, sliding his hand under my skirt and caressing my pussy over the tiny purple thong I’m wearing.

I lean back against him, gasping for breath as he slowly slides his finger inside me. “Chris…” I whisper.

“Do you want me to stop?” he murmurs.


He chuckles and turns me around. He lifts one of my legs up and rests my foot on the counter and then kneels in front of me and buries his mouth against my pussy.

“Oh!” I groan as he thrusts fingers inside me. He devours me, licking and sucking until I’m on the very cusp of an orgasm, when Ethan walks in and grins.

Chris pulls away with a wicked grin on his face and I stare at him. “Why…?” I whimper.

“I told you I want to tease you. Make you crazy all night.”

I give a pleading look to Ethan who laughs and holds up his hands. “That’s between you two.”

Chris stands, leaving my pussy throbbing, and looks at Ethan. “Something wrong?”

He shakes his head. “People are starting to arrive,” Ethan says with a smile.

“We shouldn’t be bad hosts,” Chris says, still giving me that wicked smile, and holds out his hand to me.

I cross my arms over my chest and pout. He laughs and pulls me into his arms. “I suppose it’s not nice to bring you that close at the beginning of the party with no relief.” He grins at Ethan. “Ethan, would you mind taking care of my beautiful wife while I go play the good host?”

Ethan grins back. “It would be my genuine pleasure.”

I stick out my lower lip and narrow my eyes playfully at Chris as he turns me towards Ethan.

He laughs. “I think you should bend her over the vanity, Ethan. Remind her who’s in charge. Maybe a spanking?”

I stick my tongue out at Chris. He knows I like it when he spanks me. Both he and Ethan. Sometimes I even act a little bratty so they will spank me.

Chris chuckles as he leaves the room. “Definitely a spanking, Ethan.”

Ethan looks at me with a glint in his eye. “Your master says you need a spanking.” He kisses me and backs me against the vanity. “I must obey,” he murmurs and turns me towards the mirror, pressing my chest onto the cold marble. He lifts up my skirt and caresses my ass and pussy. “Your panties are all wet, Talia.”

“Uh, huh…” I whimper, anticipating the first blow.

He pulls the panties down and has me step out of them. I’m wearing four-inch purple heels and so my ass is sticking up in the air higher than it normally would. He presses his fingers inside me. “So wet.” I look in the mirror and watch as he sucks on his fingers.

“Ethan,” I moan. I see him lift his hand and a moment later the smack of his hand against my ass echoes off the marble walls. I moan and close my eyes.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Each hit makes me moan and I can feel my juices running down my legs. He nudges my feet further apart and I clench my thighs. He’s going to spank my pussy.

He circles the clit a few times and then pulls on my inner labia to make sure it’s exposed when he hits me. I whimper and moan as he takes his time.

“Please…” I moan.

He chuckles. “Begging for discipline? Naughty girl. I’m not going to get the spoon then.”

I whimper in disappointment. Chris keeps a wooden spoon in the nightstand and spanks me with it when I’m especially ‘bad.’

I stiffen in anticipation as I feel him pull his hand away and cry out as his palm makes contact with the swollen flesh of my pussy. He hits me five times and tears run down my cheeks from the exquisite pain/pleasure mixture.

He kneels behind me and spreads me open and kisses the inflamed skin. Delicate little kisses all over, making me squirm and moan. I feel him tugging on me and then his hot tongue is directly on my clit. I arch my back and scream as I come. Every tap of his tongue against me keeps me aloft in the cloud of pleasure. When my legs are about to collapse under me, he stands and unzips his pants, thrusting himself through the engorged lips.

“God, you’re so tight, Talia,” he murmurs as he holds my hips and slowly fucks me, every movement deliberate. I moan and writhe beneath him as he holds me down. “You feel so fucking good.”

His movements grow faster and faster until we both come, me screaming again, his release emerging in a low groan.

He leans over and kisses my neck. “I love you,” he murmurs.

“I love you too, Ethan,” I whisper, my heart full of love for the two men in my life.

The Party

Ethan and I adjust our costumes, I fix my makeup and pull my panties back on. Not that they’re really helpful. They’re still soaking, but I feel awkward without them.

Ethan kisses me on the cheek and resumes his normal day-time demeanor with me. There are only a few people that know about the relationship between the three of us.

We go downstairs and Ethan disappears to keep an eye on me. I take a deep breath and walk into our huge living room.

My heart is pounding as I look around for Chris. I see several people look at me and smile. I’m pleasantly surprised that I know most of the people here. Some of the men I’m not familiar with and they leer at me, making me uncomfortable. I finally spot Chris near the terrace doors.

He looks oh-so-yummy, standing tall and handsome. His wedding ring glints in the overhead lights and I smile. Mine.

He’s talking to two blondes dressed in purple and green costumes that resemble bikinis more than anything. One laughs and touches his arm. He smiles and removes her hand shaking his head.

I smile shyly at people as I walk by them and slowly make my way toward Chris.

Jim steps in front of me, smiling and kisses my cheek. “Good evening, Talia,” he says in a seductive voice. “You look incredible,” he says in a softer voice.

Chris told me that these parties are purely social. There is no expectation of sex at any time, and is actually not looked upon kindly. At least until much, much later when almost everyone is drunk. But his friends still flirt with me. I don’t mind.

“Hi Jim. How are you?”

“Good. Better now that you’re here.”

I giggle.

“Are you flirting with my wife, Jim?” Chris’s deep voice comes from behind him.

“Of course,” Jim looks back at Chris with a grin on his face. “I can’t help myself.”

Chris walks to me and puts his arm around my waist. “I don’t blame you.”

I lean my head against Chris’s chest, feeling shy. He strokes my back with his thumb.

They talk for a few minutes about business and then Chris excuses us to go to the bar. “Did you enjoy yourself in the bathroom?” he asks quietly.

My knees nearly buckle at the memory. “Yes,” I whimper. “I’m quite inflamed now.”

“Did he use the spoon?”

“No. He said I was a naughty girl because I was begging.”

Chris chuckles. “Mmm. You are naughty. I’ll have to take care of that later.” He kisses the top of my ear and traces the edge with his tongue. My lips part in a sigh and I feel myself blossom under his tongue and praise. I dig my fingernails into his arms. “Are you wet?”

“Very,” I whisper. “My panties are soaked.”

He chuckles and then orders drinks from the bartender. We make our rounds, saying hi to everyone and then head outside to the terrace. There are heaters set up so it is warm.

Jayson is talking with Caden and Kris and we go say hi.

“Damn!” Caden exclaims, looking me up and down. “It’s not fair to show her off like that, Chris,” he says with a grin. “Flaunting what we can’t have.”

“I can’t help but want to show her off.” Chris chuckles. “Poor Uncle Jayson.”

Jayson glowers at him and then laughs. “My whole idea of nieces and nephews is totally fucked up now, you know that?”

We talk for a while and then Caden and Kris wander off. Jayson allows himself the luxury of taking his time looking me over once they’re gone.

“Fuck, Chris. It’s not fair to dress her like that, Chris. She’s too damn sexy to be my niece.”

Chris is standing behind me, his back to most of the party guests. “So I shouldn’t do this?” He trails his finger slowly along the edge of my top. I lean my head back and sigh. I watch Jayson’s reaction with half-closed eyes.

“You are a cruel man, Chris.” He says, eyes following Chris’s fingers down between my breasts and back up over the other breast.

My pussy muscles clench seeing his eyes dilate as he watches Chris’s hand trail down my side and under my skirt. Jayson curses softly. Chris leans down and nibbles on my ear. His hands rests on my hips. “You like him watching you?” he asks softly.

I meet Jayson’s eyes and nod. He opens his mouth to say something but is interrupted by a voice behind Chris.

“Hey, Chris,” a female voice sounds from behind us, then giggles from multiple females.

Jayson groans and rolls his eyes. “I’ll see you later.” He walks off.

I frown as I watch him walk away and then turn to see who is behind us. I see three women in their mid-twenties. All scantily clad and beautiful. The redhead looks familiar. They see me standing next to him and frown as he puts his arm around my waist.

“Hello Jill. Heather. Cindy.” Chris says politely. “Enjoying the party?”

“We just got here,” the redhead named Jill says looking at me thoughtfully, then back at Chris. “Did you start your collection already?” she asks with a seductive smile.

Chris chuckles. “Didn’t you hear I got married? No more collecting the single women.” He kisses the top of my head.

In sync, all of their jaws drop. Chris holds up my left hand for them to see.

“I didn’t know you two were that serious, Chris.” The redhead named Jill says, staring at me. “Wow. I leave town for a few weeks and you get married?” She smirks at me. “Is that why you didn’t call me? I thought we had plans for tonight.” She pouts prettily. Her full lips are rather sexy.

I feel the blood drain from my face.

“Plans change.”

I’m beginning to feel nauseous. I have a feeling I’ve come face to face with Chris’s fuck buddy. What is it with him and redheads? First Kirsty… Oh, God! And I’d picked one out for him at Richard’s party. Doubt slams into my mind like a full speed subway car. What had they had planned for tonight? Is he regretting that he married me? Is she who he took to the sex parties to share?

Jill stares at me, an amused look in her eye. I think she’s enjoying my discomfort. Why does she look familiar?

I try to step away but Chris holds me to him. “If you’ll excuse me, ladies. I’m going to take my wife to get something to drink.” He nods to them and takes my hand and leads me away. I glance back and Jill’s arms are crossed against her chest and she’s glaring at me.


Chris leads me to the bar and hands me a glass of wine. I accept it and take a large gulp, staring at the abstract blue and yellow painting on the wall behind the bar. I’m hurt, and I think the alcohol is turning the hurt into anger. I don’t get angry. Uncle Jack always punished me severely for anything close to getting angry. It’s not a comfortable feeling.

“Talia, are you ok?”

I jump and look up at him. I plaster on a fake smile and nod.

He frowns at me. “Don’t fake it, Talia. I can’t stand fake smiles.” He leads me to the side of the room.

“I thought you said you didn’t have a fuck buddy.” I say in an accusatory tone.

“I don’t. I didn’t.”

“But you’ve slept with her several times.”


“C’mon, Chris. If there’s one subject I would call myself an expert on, it’s sex.” The confidence I’ve gain since we got married, combined with the alcohol, is making me bold. I see him flinch when I call him Chris.

“Talia, you know what I’ve done here. I’ve not hidden my stupidity from you.” He frowns at me. I can see the irritation in his eyes. “I’m a man, Talia. I have needs. Yes, I calmed down, but it was nice to have a warm body in my bed every once in a while.”

Ouch. “You said you had clearly established one-night-stands.”

“She goes to the same parties and clubs I go to.”

“So it has been a frequent thing.” I’m not asking.

“Talia…” His eyes harden. “Look, if were somewhere together and she wanted it and I wanted it, I didn’t say no.”

I blink as tears sting my eyes. “Did you like being with her?”

“If I hadn’t, there wouldn’t have been multiple times.” He scowls at me. “I told you, I was stupid. I warned you there would be women at places where we go that I was with in the past. Why are you angry at me?”

“I didn’t think you’d invite them to our home,” I snap.

“She was on the guest list months ago. Before we got together.”

“And you didn’t think to double check the list after we got married?”

He sighs and runs his hands through his hair. “Talia, I don’t understand why you’re upset. I am married to you. I promised I wouldn’t be with another woman unless you were ok with it.”

“Is that why you invited her? To see if I’d like her?”

He hesitates and then shakes his head. “Nein, of course not.”

I narrow my eyes at him and then lift my chin. “I can’t stop you from being with her, Chris. You are my husband and my master. You can do as you like.” I glare at him. “Why don’t you go get your collection together and meet your needs. I’ll leave you to your warm bodies.”

I step aside and walk out of the room and up the stairs to the loggia.

Why am I upset? Why am I being irrational? I lean against the wall and suck in a deep breath. Because he hesitated. Does he want to be with her again?

I look down and see Chris standing near the wall of windows. I’m in near darkness and don’t think he can see me.

He’s holding his drink, looking very relaxed, and talking to several women. He smiles at them. Almost the million-watt smile. I feel tears stinging my eyes. Jill walks up to him and whispers something in his ear, then puts her hand on his arm and gives him a very bold look. He frowns at her and shakes his head. She pouts again but leaves her hand on his arm.

I finish my wine and an idea comes to mind. Two can play at this game. I know how to flirt. I know how to seduce. If he’s going to flirt so can I. Don’t fail me, alcohol.

I adjust my costume for maximum effectiveness then walk boldly down the stairs and into the living room, chest out, eyes soft and seductive. If there’s one thing I know how to do, it’s to get the attention of men. Thank you, Uncle Jack. I stop and look around. I look at Chris coolly and he frowns. I turn and walk to the bar slowly to get another drink.

After the bartender hands me my orange juice and vodka, I turn and survey the room. I meet several pairs of male eyes and smile boldly at them.

Chris doesn’t like feeling jealous. Maybe that’s what he needs. I see Jim standing with Richard, Devin and Russell. He sees me looking at him and smiles. I smile back. I slowly wander in his direction. I can feel Chris’s eyes on me.

“Hi there.” Jim greets me with a seductive smile. “Did you escape from Chris?”

“Do you think I need to escape from him?” I ask coyly.

He chuckles. “I don’t know.” He glances behind me. “Is he collecting women again?”

I grit my teeth for a second and then force another seductive smile. “If he is, maybe I should start my own collection of men,” I say softly, touching his arm.

His mouth opens in surprise then smiles broadly. “I’d love to be included in your collection.”

I have a feeling I’m playing with fire, but I’m tipsy and I’m angry and I’m hurt.

Jim laughs. “What do you say, gentlemen? We don’t want to leave poor Talia to be neglected, do we?” He strokes my stomach with his thumb.

“Of course not,” Richard says with a bold smile and leans over to me. “Chris should know better than to neglect a wife as pretty as you,” he murmurs in my ear and then runs his finger down the back of my arm. He’s always been a good lover. I give him a seductive smile and his eyes glint with aroused amusement.

I’m facing the direction where Chris is standing. I glance at him and he’s staring at me with his jaw clenched and knuckles white around his glass. Jill’s hand is still on his arm. I raise my eyebrow at him, look at Jill and back at him, then turn back to my companions.

I lean against the back of the couch behind me and smile boldly at the men around me. “Is it warm in here?” I ask with a mischievous smile and unbutton my jacket slowly before pushing it off my shoulders and laying it on the couch next to me.

The top is very low cut and pushes my breasts up. My areolas are barely covered. I lean over to scratch my knee and look up to see the men staring at my breasts.

“Did I lose something?” I ask innocently, brushing my hands across my cleavage.

Jim clears his throat. “No, why?”

“You all are looking at me. I thought maybe I’d lost part of my costume.” I smile brightly.

Devin leans his hip on the couch next to me with a seductive smile. “Your loss would be our gain.”

“Or maybe mine.” I meet his gaze with soft eyes and for a second am drawn into him.

Devin grins and runs his fingers up my thigh and under my skirt further and I shiver. “You have anything on under this skirt?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” I answer coyly.

“Yes, I would.” His finger moves up even more, almost to my hip.

My lips part in surprise. He’s very bold. “What do you think?” I ask softly.

Devin looks down and runs his hand up all the way to my hip and under the elastic of my thong, his fingers sliding along my inner thigh. “Not much.” He rotates his hand forward so his pinky brushes my outer pussy lips. I exhale sharply. “Your panties are wet,” he says in a low voice, his pinky running up and down the folds of skin.

Jim and Russ shift on their feet. Richard chuckles and slides a hand along my hip. I look at him and he leans close. “I would gladly make up for Chris neglecting you,” he says softly. “I love the taste of your pussy and my cock aches for you.”

My heart pounds at Richard’s bold words and Devin becomes bolder, sliding under the triangle of fabric that covers my pussy and dipping slightly in between the swollen lips. I sigh as Richard’s hand moves down to my thigh and up my skirt.

Suddenly Chris is at the edge of the circle. I look at him coolly. I’m not going to give him the satisfaction of the fear that is bubbling up inside me. Devin and Richard’s hands move out from under my skirt, but they stay close.

The men greet Chris. He looks at me, face inscrutable. “You gentlemen enjoying my wife’s company?”

“We were just discussing her costume.” Jim explains.

“Oh?” Chris still stares at me.

“It’s very nice.” Devin says silkily.

Chris looks at him coolly. “How often do you visit here? I don’t remember you being here so often before.”

“Off and on. Richard and Jim are friends. And Jack.” He shrugs. “I like the city.

“I’m glad you knew better than to bring Jack,” Chris says, glaring at Richard.

I bend over again and feel the men looking at me. I arch my back slightly as I stand.

I giggle. “Did I fall out?”

Seductive laughter meets my ears.

“That would be dangerous, Talia.” Chris says in a low voice, eyes flashing. I swallow and stare at him.

“Why?” Russ asks with a laugh.

“Because that would expose her and I don’t know if I could protect her from all the hungry men in the room.” Cold fear is trickling into my conciseness as anger begins radiating from him.

“Then we should make sure if it happens, it happens in private.” Jim laughs, not noticing Chris’s mood.

“I agree.” Chris says. “The question is, how private?” He frowns at me for a moment then steps forward to grasp my chin. He tips my head up, looking into my eyes. He studies me for a moment. “If you’ll excuse me, gentlemen. I need to speak with my wife.”

He takes my hand and leads me aside. I see Jill frowning at us. He leans down and whispers firmly into my ear. “Go upstairs and wait for me in the bedroom.”

My anger is completely replaced with fear. I look up at him with questioning, fearful eyes. He’s furious. “Chris—”

He frowns severely at me. “Was I speaking in German? Did you have problems understanding my order?”

I shake my head nervously.

“Then go. Do not leave the room. No matter how long it takes me.”

My lips part. No matter how long…?

“Go!” he hisses between clenched teeth.

I jump and make for the stairs. When I get to the bedroom, I stand in the middle of the room, head hanging down and blinking back tears. He’s so angry. Is he downstairs with Jill? Is he going to leave me here? I suppose I deserve it. I shouldn’t have gotten angry. Thoughts continue to whirl around my head as the minutes tick by. I stare out the window, watching the party-goers on the terrace laughing and having a good time. A few have become intimate and I can see the pleasure on their faces. My fear grows as the time passes.


I turn away from the window and stand next the bed, staring at the covers. Visions of him fucking Jill flood my mind’s eye. I shake my head trying to clear it and then I feel his presence at the entrance of the room. I swallow and turn to him slowly.

He’s standing in the doorway, thick arms are crossed over his massive chest and his face is impassive, though his eyes glint with anger. He steps forward slowly and pulls off his jacket, dropping it on the bed as he makes his way to me.

I back away from him until my back is up against the wall in the corner of the room. He continues moving forward until my breasts are inches from his stomach. My chest heaves as I breath hard. One of his hands twists my hair around his hand, tipping my head back so the top of my head is touching the wall behind me, looking up at him.

He holds up my left hand in front of my face. “You are my wife,” he begins softly, but there is nothing soft about his voice. It is very low, almost seething. “You are mine. Nobody touches what’s mine.” Each word is spoken slowly and clearly enunciated. I tremble at his rage.

“Chris…” My voice trails off as his jaw clenches and eyes harden.

“You’ve been taught well, Talia. You walked back into the room and caught every man’s attention. You succeeded in making me jealous.” He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. “I don’t like being jealous.”

Anger flares momentarily at his comment about being taught well. “You were flirting with those women,” I accuse.

“I was angry, Talia,” he snaps. “I never would have done anything with them. Can you say the same thing about Richard and Devin?”

He leans forward, stomach pressing against my breasts. “Would you have said no if they’d taken you aside, somewhere where I couldn’t see you?” His finger trails down between my breasts and loosens the ribbons of my corset. He pulls them until it opens and falls to the ground. “Would you have stop them from removing your top, when I couldn’t enjoy it as well?” His fingers circle my nipples and they tighten painfully.

“Would you have let them touch you as I touch you when I couldn’t see the ecstasy on your face?” He cups one of my breasts and squeezes hard. I whimper. He pinches and twists my nipple and I cry out softly as my clit throbs. “Should I have stood aside and let them enjoy your breasts without me?” He unzips my skirt and it falls to the floor. “Did you want them to stare at your naked body, knowing I wasn’t in the room?” He pulls at my thong until it rips away from my body and then presses his hips against mine. I feel his erection hard against my belly. “Should I have walked away, allowing them to fuck you away from my presence?” I can barely hear his last words. His eyes are so dark they look like the night sky.

I shrink under his glare. My eyes well up with tears at the realization of the truth. I don’t know if I could have said no. “I’m sorry, Chris,” I whisper. I close my eyes in despair.

He reaches down and grasps my knee and hooks it over his arm. I feel his hands between us and then his hot, very hard cock is resting against my hip. He presses it against my swollen sex. “You. Are. Mine.” His jaw clenches as he sinks into me. I raise up onto my toes and he presses me into the wall. His other hand takes my hands and pins them to the wall above my head. “You fuck other men because I enjoy it, Talia,” he growls. “There is no other reason.”

The breath is sucked out of my lungs and I gasp for air. My eyes water from the intensity of him inside me.

He pulls out and rams himself back in, shoving me hard against the wall. I cry out, in pain or pleasure I’m not sure. He thrusts over and over again, ramming me against the wall. Pounding me into submission. His breathing is harsh against my face. His eyes are locked on mine. I want to look away but I can’t. He is relentless in his punishment.

I close my eyes and moan as I feel an orgasm building inside me.

“Nein,” he growls between clenched teeth. “You may not come, Talia.” He thrusts harder and harder, faster and faster. His groans intensify. He leans his head back and shouts out in German, giving several very hard, very deep thrusts as he empties himself into me. I can hardly breath as he shoves me against the wall, tiny thrusts and harsh breathing evidence of an intense orgasm.

He leans against me and slowly relaxes. I shiver with cold and fear, not knowing what he’s thinking. I close my eyes as he slips out of my body and he lets go of my leg and arms. He puts his arms around my hips and slowly sits down on the floor, holding me in his lap.

He presses my head against his chest. “My God, Talia, I’m not used to being jealous.” He sighs and runs his fingers through his hair. “Talia, I know you were angry at me, but I know what would have happened had I not interfered. I didn’t want you getting into a situation that was out of your control or that either of us would regret.”

“I’m sorry, Chris,” I whisper, remorseful tears in my eyes.

“I know, Talia. I know. I handled your feelings wrong. I’m sorry.” He turns me so that my back is pressed against his chest. “Open your legs,” he whispers. I open my knees, resting the sides of my thighs against his legs, the soles of my feet still together. His hand slides down between my breasts and down my belly. I watch as his fingers glide down my swollen sex and stroke the delicate skin. “Were you really going to come when I was fucking you?” he asks softly.

I nod. “Your…anger was rather erotic.”

He chuckles. “You are such a different woman than I’ve ever known. I usually scare people when I’m angry.” His finger circles my clit and I moan.

“You did scare me.” I gasp as he pinches the hardened nub. “But I think we’re learning that fear and eroticism go together in my mind.”

He kisses the side of my neck. “That’s true.” He slides his finger inside me then pulls it out and puts it to my lips. “Open. Taste us together.” I open my mouth and suck on his finger. Sweet and salty. I moan softly. “Feed me,” he whispers.

I slide my hand down and slowly slide it inside me, inhaling sharply as I do. “Oh!” I exclaim softly. I watch as I move my hand to his mouth and he sucks on my finger. I feel a rush of dampness between my legs.

“You taste good.” He murmurs. He slides his finger in me again and puts it up for me to suck on. “I think you get more than I do.” He dips his finger again and puts it to his lips. “Mmm.” He smiles down at me.


Someone knocks at the door and Chris looks up. It’s Ethan. He glances down at me and back at Chris.

Ethan grins. “Just wanted to make sure everything was ok. You looks pretty upset a bit ago then disappeared.”

Chris chuckles. “I had a naughty girl to punish.” I blush as his fingers trail over my wet pussy.

“That is unfortunate,” Ethan says, leaning against the wall. He meets my eye then his eyes travel lower to my breasts then Chris’s hands. My nipples tighten under his gaze.

Chris nuzzles my neck. “I think she may need another spanking, Ethan.”

Ethan chuckles. “One wasn’t enough, huh? I think she likes her punishments too much.”

Chris flicks my clit and I moan softly. “What do you think, Talia. Do you need another spanking?”

My breathing shallows at the thought. I love it when they both do it.

Chris picks me up and puts me on the bed on my hands and knees, my ass towards both of them. I rest my head on the bed.

Chris uses his thumbs on my outer lips and he spreads me open. I moan loudly. My pussy aches.

“She’s so wet,” Ethan says in a husky voice. I feel him glide his fingers over me and I moan.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” Chris asks.

I don’t hear an answer, and I don’t feel their hands on me either. I look behind me and see them just looking at me. “I thought you were going to spank me,” I whimper.

Chris laughs. “She is starting to beg for them, isn’t she?” He smacks my ass and I moan. “I think we’re going to have to find a more effective punishment method.”

“Maybe we only spank her when she behaves?” Ethan suggests.

I giggle.

“We’ll need to discuss that further later. Suck on her clit so I can spoon her.”

I whimper, partially nervous, partially exhilarated. Ethan kneels behind me and I moan as he begins to suck on my clit. Hard. Hard enough to make it protrude so that Chris will hit the clit itself, not letting the swollen flesh around it absorb any of the impact.

I groan as he sucks for several minutes, clawing at the bedcovers. When he flicks it with his tongue, I jerk, bordering on an orgasm, but not quite getting there.

Ethan stands and comes to sit next to me. Chris glides his fingers over me and he growls softly. His erotic growl that he does when he approves of what he sees. I clench my thighs at the sound.

Chris flicks my clit and I gasp. It feels extra sensitive. He chuckles. “She might need a gag. I don’t want our friends calling the police.”

Ethan lies down next to me and unzips his pants. I smile. My favorite kind of gag. I open my mouth and he eases his cock into my mouth. Chris laughs. “Brave man, Ethan.”

“She’s never bit me before. I trust her.” He pets my hair. I hum, letting him know I like what he’s done. I can taste myself on him from when we had sex in the bathroom.

“I think we spoil her too much,” Chris says in a teasing voice, rubbing my ass gently.

“I don’t think that’s possible.”

I hear Chris chuckle again. “I agree,” he says softly. He glides his hands gently over my pussy again and then I hear the whoosh of the spoon in the air.

I let out a strangled cry as he hits me, square on the clit. Ethan massages the back of my neck and I tremble in anticipation of the next blow. Chris kisses my clit gently, making me groan, before he straightens and hits it again. My eyes water and I give a muffled screech. I might come from this tonight. I’ve been close a few times.

Whoosh! Smack! Whoosh! Smack! I close my eyes, feeling the throbbing of the sensitive skin. The pain sends me to another dimension and I float in mid-air. The next one sends shivers through my body. I suck hard on Ethan’s cock and feel Chris’s hot mouth on me. I whimper and groan and moan as he sucks on me. Then cool air and another sharp pain that ricochets through my body. And another. And another. I groan at the next one and then screech against Ethan as the orgasm begins.

“Fuck, she’s coming,” Ethan exclaims as I claw at his hips.


I whimper and wiggle my hips. I need Chris to hit me again and he obliges. I scream again as the impact shoots me up into the stars. I’m thankful that he keeps hitting me and I ride the wave as long as I can, the sharp pain prolonging the eroticism of the whole thing.

“Stop!” I cry, pulling away from Ethan and panting. I hear the spoon drop to the floor and Chris’s arms are around me the next second.

“Did I go too far, Talia?” he asks in a worried tone.

I shake my head, gasping for breath. “No, not at all. It felt…incredible.” I shudder as an aftershock rolls through me.

Ethan moves closer to me and kisses me as Chris nuzzles my neck. I stroke both of their cocks. Chris is hard again and I kiss both of them, one after the other.


“Chris?” I hear Jayson in the hallway. “Chris? Talia?” Jayson walks in. “Chris you might…” He trails off.

The three of us look up at him as he stares at us, wide-eyed and mouth opened in a shocked ‘O.’

“Ooookay,” he says slowly. I see a mixture of lust and hurt in his eyes. Since Chris and I got married, we haven’t seen a lot of each other, even though he and Ethan kept me sane before we got married. We’ve talked about getting together, but between performances and other stuff going on, it’s been difficult.

Chris sits up. “Jayson, listen…”

Jayson shakes his head and narrows his eyes. “What you do now isn’t my business. I just thought you might have told me. I forgot I’m related to both of you now. Fuck.” He turns on his heel and begins stalking out of the room.

Chris moves with that amazing speed of his and grabs Jayson around the shoulders. “Wait,” he growls in Jayson’s ear.

I glance at Ethan, confused about the way Chris is holding Jayson. It’s rather intimate. Ethan is watching them.

Jayson fights against Chris’s grip, but he is held firm. “Fuck, Chris. Let me go.”

“Not until you promise to stay until we work things out.”

“It doesn’t matter. You’re fucking married now. You can do what you want. Ethan’s her guardian, so he gets you guys now. I get it.”

“Jayson, please. Will you listen?”

Jayson struggles for a little longer and then gives up. He turns around, hurt evident in his eyes as he looks between the three of us. “Fine.” He crosses his arms and glares at Chris.

“Jayson, I hadn’t told Talia about you and I yet.” Jayson glares at him. “I wasn’t hiding it, things have just been very busy.”

I look between the two of them. “What about the two of you?” I ask softly.

Chris looks at me with a nervous smile. “We’ve been together. Intimately, like with my other guys. Jayson’s been with all of us. That’s why I didn’t mind him helping Ethan with your…needs before we got married. I didn’t know how you’d feel about it, with you guys almost dating and stuff, so…I was waiting for a good time to talk to you about it.” He glances at Jayson and then back at me. “We’d talked about the three of us getting together, if you were interested, but then with the dreams and everything else that’s been going on…” He sighs. “I’m sorry.”

Jayson chews his lip and looks at me nervously.

I tilt my head. “The night you guys came over drinking…” I begin slowly and look at Chris. “You slept on the couch. Where did the other guys sleep?” I remember there were clothes strewn all over the living room. I glance at Ethan. “Is that who you were talking about when you said you’d had sex more recently than me?”

Ethan nods, looking at me nervously. I glance back at Chris and Jayson.

“I knew I couldn’t participate that night, though I usually would have,” Chris says. “I watched as they fucked and then they slept in the bedrooms.”

“You watched?” I said. “Did you…take care of yourself?”

He nods and gives me an apologetic look.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I didn’t know how you’d react.”

I look at the ground. “Would you rather be with them than me? Rather be with a man than me?” He’s been with so many. Maybe he’s really gay.

“Talia…no, of course not. I love you. You are my wife.”

“Why did you hesitate when I asked if you wanted to be with Jill?”

Chris gives me a confused look for a moment and then shakes his head. “Because I wanted to give you an honest answer and I had to make sure I wasn’t just saying no because I didn’t want to hurt you.”

I feel myself getting angry again. “So you’d prefer these warm bodies?” I snap, motioning to Ethan and Jayson.

Chris stares at me.

I swallow. “I know men marry for appearances sometimes. And then they go about their lives as they want. You did it with Mina. Are you doing it with me?”

“Talia, that’s not fair and you know it.”

“It’s not? How is that not fair?”

“I know what I did was wrong with Mina. I was doing it for the wrong reasons. Talia, you’ve enjoyed everything we’ve done together. You like being with Ethan and I. You like that I just beat the shit out of your clit.”

“You what!” Jayson exclaims.

Chris gives me a sensual look. “Ethan sucked her clit until it was throbbing and I used a wooden spoon on her until she came.” He looks at Jayson. “She came hard from it.”

Jayson walks over to me. “Is he hurting you, Talia?” He searches my eyes intently as he sits down next to me. “I’ll…find someone to beat the shit out of him if he hurts you.”

I look back at the ground. “No. I liked it.” I look at Jayson with a mournful look. “I’m sorry I took Chris away from you.”

“It’s more like he took you from me,” he says softly. “Though I had no right to you in the first place.” He takes my hand and grimaces. “It is really hard talking to you seriously when you’re naked.”

Ethan and Chris chuckle. “Are you?”

Jayson groans. “How could I not be?”

I give him an apologetic smile. “I’m sorry. I can—”

“I don’t mind,” he says quickly. “I like you naked.”

I glance up at Chris as I feel the mood in the room change. He comes to sit behind me and kisses my neck. “I know how you felt about Jayson,” he says softly. “I don’t mind. Do you still care about him?”

“Of course. He’s my best friend.” I stare into Jayson’s eyes as Chris slides his hands down my thighs and caresses my pussy. I whimper as Chris caresses my clit.

“Are you sore?” he whispers.

“A little.”

Chris chuckles sensuously. “Maybe your uncle can kiss you and make it feel better.”

Jayson’s eyes widen and Ethan moves behind him. Ethan kisses Jayson’s neck and grabs hold of his hair roughly. I gasp but see the lust in Jayson’s eyes. It still astonishes me how rough they are with each other.

“Undress, Jayson,” Ethan growls in his ear.

Jayson stands and quickly sheds his clothes, his cock bobbing as he kneels in front of Ethan and taking Ethan’s cock into his mouth.

Chris pulls me back on the bed. “Ethan is establishing his dominance over Jayson,” he whispers. “When we all get together, there has to be established roles, or it gets confusing and is not as pleasurable.” He nips my ear. “Jayson likes playing the bitch. It’s ok.”

Jayson glances up at me and grins, then Ethan’s cock disappears into his mouth again.

“Can I play the dominant someday?” I ask, turning to look at him. I feel Ethan and Jayson looking at Chris.

Chris frowns at me and then sighs. “I’ll think about it.”

Ethan chuckles. “You might like her ordering you around.” Ethan caresses Jayson’s head and moans softly. “Yeah…” he whispers.

“If we do that, you all are going to submit to her. Not just me.” Chris pulls me against his chest and spreads my legs open. “Jayson, Talia’s pussy is sore. Come kiss it and make it better.”

Jayson crawls up on the bed and begins licking me gently. Chris holds my legs down as I try to squirm. I feel Jayson groan against me and see Ethan reaching between his legs. It looks like he’s stroking Jayson’s cock.

“You have the lube?” Ethan asks. Chris reaches to the nightstand and tosses it to him.

“Foursome?” Chris says with a chuckle.

Ethan looks thoughtful. “I think we could manage if Talia’s in the mood for anal.”

I giggle. “I like anal with you guys.”

I feels Chris’s chest rumble. “I know. I love you sandwiched in between us.”

Jayson looks up. “You guys are together a lot?” He hisses and closes his eyes as Ethan begins to work his ass.

“Yeah,” Ethan answers in a low voice. “You like thinking about that?”

Jayson moans.

“You’re so fucking hard, Jayson. When’s the last time you got fucked?”

“Been too busy,” he murmurs against my pussy.

I moan as Jayson sucks my clit gently. I reach for his head, but Chris grabs my hands. “Nein, Talia. You are mine. He is Ethan’s. You only touch him if we say so.”

“You’re our toys,” Ethan says in a low voice. “You do as we say.” I see him move his hand forward and Jayson rears up slightly.


Ethan chuckles. “I think he needs a good fucking, Chris,” he murmurs. “A real good fucking.”

Chris picks me up suddenly and puts me on my hands and knees. He reaches for the lube and a moment later I feel his fingers in my ass.

I can see Ethan finger fucking Jayson as he plays with his balls. Jayson grasps the bedcovers and moans softly as Ethan keeps his movements slow and steady.

Chris works his fingers inside me, stretching me so he doesn’t hurt me. Lately it’s been mostly Ethan back there and as big as Ethan is, he’s not Chris.

Jayson and I moan as our respective partners stretch us for themselves. Several minutes later Chris sits back and pulls me up to my knees.

“Jayson, help Talia onto my cock,” Chris says, putting on hand behind his head and laying back casually, stroking his cock as he looks at his friend.

Jayson pours some lube into his hand and I watch him kiss the tip of Chris’s cock before running his hand up and down, distributing the lube all along his length.

Jayson pulls me towards him and kisses me, tangling his hands into my hair as he moves me to straddle Chris’s hips, facing away from him. I kiss him back eagerly. I haven’t kissed him in such a long time.

“I’ve missed you,” he whispers, pulling back slightly and giving me a tender smile.

“I’ve missed you too,” I whisper back. He reaches around me and I wrap my arms around his neck as he positions Chris at my ass. I stare into his eyes as he pushes down on my hips gently, impaling me on Chris’s huge cock. I gasp and tears come to my eyes from the pleasure, but I don’t look away from my beloved Jayson.

When I am sitting all the way down, I give a little shudder and lean forward to kiss Jayson, but Chris chuckles and pulls me backwards. “Fuck my wife, Jayson.” Chris caresses my breasts as Jayson moves forwards.

Jayson sinks inside me and I sigh. “Better than I imagined,” he murmurs, leaning down and kissing me.

“Your turn, Ethan,” Chris says, one hand on my breast, the other on Jayson’s neck.

I wrap my arms around Jayson’s chest and we kiss until he gasps and groans. “Fuck.” I feel him stiffen and see Ethan’s eyes close and can tell by his face he’s working his way into Jayson’s ass.

Ethan’s mouth parts as he gives several thrusts as he settles inside. Jayson twitches inside me which makes me clench against him and I hear Chris moan behind me.

“An Talia and Jayson sandwich,” Ethan comments, smiling at me. I smile back and then gasp as he thrusts forward, moving all of us and we all gasp and moan. Chris takes hold of my hips and I see Ethan’s hands on Jayson’s shoulders. Ethan looks at Chris and nods. Chris chuckles and then they begin moving.

Oh! The feelings I feel as they move around me. Chris holds me still and Ethan moves Jayson. Moaning, grunting and sighing fill the room as Ethan and Chris guide us into amazing ecstasy. Jayson grabs my head and kisses me as the others guide our fucking.

“Oh! Oh, yes!” I groan against Jayson’s mouth and the sensations overload my mind. I arch back and scream in pleasure and Chris claps his hand over my mouth. I continue to scream against his hand as the fucking continues. I don’t even know exactly what happens. I just know that amazing sensations are coursing through my body and I am in heaven.

When we are spent, we collapse on the bed, arms and legs entangled, catching our breath. I catch Jayson’s exhausted eyes and we grin at each other.

There’s a knock at the door and we all look up.

“Everything ok?” comes a voice. It’s Casey.

“Yes,” Chris calls. “We’ll be down in a few minutes.”

I groan. “Can’t we stay up here?”

“Nein, Talia. We’ve been up here too long, probably.” He nuzzles my neck. “But I don’t mind. Most people are probably involved in their own thing by now.” He sits up. “But we do need to get downstairs.” He looks at Jayson. “Why did you come up here in the first place?”

Jayson chuckles. “I did come up here for a reason, didn’t I? What was it?” He looks thoughtful for a long moment. “Oh.” He grimaces. “Jill. She was complaining to some people about you getting married and, well, badmouthing Talia.”

Chris growls.

“Sorry. I really was going to tell you, but you distracted me.”

“It’s alright. I’ll deal with it. If she’s still here.”

We get up a few minutes later. Ethan and Jayson go down first while Chris helps me back into my costume.

“Was that alright, Talia? What happened in here?”

I nod. “I never knew four people could have sex at the same time.”

He grins. “Groups of people can do amazing things when they’re in the mood.” He kisses me. “But I will not be touching anyone else tonight, and neither will you. When it’s time, I am going to bring you back up here and make love to you. Just you and I.”

I smile. “I’d like that.”


8 thoughts on “Mardi Gras (Hot Sex Scene)

  1. I love this scenes, it’s really hot, read it and thought about Anna, Alex, Seth and aharon from the life of Anna. Picturing them there.
    A combination of this read and the delete s scenes Brandon will be mind blowing!!!!!


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