Part 5: Emerged

Coming in April 2015


11 thoughts on “Part 5: Emerged

    • Will not come fast enough. I am seriously addicted. I want to read part 5 then start all over again with all of them in a row. Anna better get her Alex back. I want to watch Dev be tortured and humiliated in front of everyone !


  1. April cannot come fast enough, Is Alex alive I hope so but what about the other men that have fallen for her Aaron ,Peter Travis. I do hope Devin gets his come uppence and the horrible president horrible men ,


  2. April seems so far away right now. I put off ready the last 3 chapters of book 4 because I didn’t want to be done. I hope we doo get to see Alex, but most of all I want to see Anna shove a beer bottle up Devans ass. April seems so far away.

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  3. Trying to find something to read after completing Ensnared has proven itself to be extremely difficult. So I’ve decided to begin the series again. Unfortunately, I’m almost through it. SMH. Can we please get something to hold us until then????? 😫😫😫😫


    • I can make some recommendations for a few books to read that my other readers have enjoyed. Check out “The Degas Girl” and “Songbird” by AJ Adams. Cari Silverwood writes some great dark reads as well. If you want something a little lighter (or a lot lighter) try “Last Second Chance” by Kristi Cramer, “The Initiation of Miss Holly” by KD Grace, “The Ivy Lessons” by SK Quinn. Hope that helps. Just promise me you’ll come back and finish Anna’s story in April!

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  4. For some reason every time i hear Ed Sheeran Thinking out loud I think of Alex and Anna. I know Alex will be back, he’s not dead, he’s bound to Anna she would have died to. Devin is holding them somewhere. Excellent series can not wait for #5!!!!!


  5. I know Alex is alive, I want to see Devin pay for what he has done to her. But PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE have herend up happy with her beloved ALEX. They both deserve to be happy together once and for all.


  6. I know Alex is alive, and yes I want to see Devin to have a horrible and humiliating death for what he has done to Anna. But PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have her and Alex end up happy together at last. They deserve their love and happiness together once and for all.


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