The Life of Anna

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4 thoughts on “The Life of Anna

  1. I was looking for a good engaging book to read for a month. Started lot of books and left in the middle due to how the author progressed with over repeated plots or their writing style which made me not to care what happened to the story.
    I came across life of anna series as book suggestion and I had to say I completed the whole series(1-4) in 3 days.I absolutelyI loved your writing style. Very engaging. There are very few dark authors whose writing style is good and you are absolutely one of them. There is lot of substance in the story that made me connect with the characters evil or good. Appreciate your effort into every character, which made me interested even in the smallest of characters. Looking forward to more of your books. Cant wait for book 5 and to my luck the book is coming out next month.(dont have a long waiting period)
    All the best for to have many milestones as an author


  2. I absolutely loved this series! I spent my entire vacation with kindle in hand. It was an extremely engaging series that caused a roller coaster of emotions! I cried, laughed and had to control my racing heartbeat. My only complain is the abrupt ending. I was reading the very end of the last book, just waiting and waiting for the happy ending to come already, kept checking the percentage and still no happy ending. Finally around 98%, it comes and then its done. After being tortured for 5 long books with heartache, grief, hopelessness for Anna; all I wanted was to read about her happy life with Alex, and it was just so short, I wanted to cry. Aside from the short ending, this book was excellently written, really giving depth to each and every character. You explained views from different perspectives and I could feel the raw emotion of these fictional characters! AND, you are an exceptionally imaginative author!! I don’t know if I will ever find another series that was as good as this! (Love this type of dark erotica!)


  3. I frequent GoodReads on a regular basis. As some know, it can be an excellent place to find books that might be up your alley. This hasn’t been the case many of those times….. I did, however, find this book series. I read a wide variety of books and when I read the basic info given on the GoodReads website, I wasn’t sure if I would read 1 page, much less the entire series. Although I found the most profoundly disturbing violence and utter horror in these books beyond almost all imaginings, I would read it again. (After reading the deleted scenes of course.)
    I rarely find that authors of erotica-like books can grasp the imagery and thrust it into your imagination where You are There in the book. And You feel the grief and pain of Anna/Katrina. I had to stop reading a few times and make sure I had a box of tissues close as well as water. I read the series in 2 days. I honestly don’t know if I would have been able to put the books away for every long without longing to finish them, I must admit to you that I am Not a sadist, a masochist, or even flirt with BDSM, but I am guilty of reading a great deal of what I would call “smexy” books.
    (At least that’s what I like to categorize certain books.)
    This particular series, be in disturbingly vivid or not, will definitely go in my “Must Read” list of books for those strong enough to read them.
    I will definitely check out more books from this author.
    I was just checking my Amazon Kindle Unlimited for books that were also suggested to me on GoodReads and look what I found….
    I must say “WOW”.


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